Our Work

Our Founder's Experience

Vision & Values

  • Designed and conducted an LSIP for Vision for 1750 (one of the largest in India)

  • The initiative won a global award for OD

  • Designed and facilitated Visioning for several organizations in India in corporate and social sector

  • In the week of Aug 2019 articulated purpose for 16 entities across 9 countries

Top Team Effectiveness

Created real time change and impact with CEOs and top teams in the following areas:

  • Articulated and worked through new ambitious goals from the Board

  • Working through dysfunctional dynamics to create healthy rhythm

  • New leader integration

  • Resolving structure and decision making impasse

  • Accelerate collaboration, innovation and forward thinking

Transformation & Turnaround

  • Turnaround and Transformation done for several family run organizations

  • Leadership workshops to heal the team during crisis and shrinking of business and work through challenges to rebuild and grow

  • Designed and facilitated successful Transformation for 3 Global entities to make the India team relevant and move up the value chain, help the India entity succeed, create more impact and build credibility with stakeholders

Team Assessment & Capability Building

  • Designed an assessed more than 10,000 leaders

  • Made recommendations to board that shaped succession planning

  • Designed and ran signature leadership development programs with great success

  • Coached CXO leaders to find their paths and succeed