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I have worked with Sujata extensively during her stint at PwC and thereafter at OD Alternatives... She has added tremendous value in every assignment that she took on.

At Dhruva, during our early stages of evolution, she helped us create a distinctive culture which has gone a long way in helping Dhruva become one of the very successful Tax boutiques in the country.

As she begins her entrepreneurial journey, I wish her the very best and look forward to a continuous association with her.
Dinesh Kanabar
CEO, Dhruva Advisors LLP Leading Tax expert in India
Sujata is authentic, insightful, and attuned to people’s emotions. I have had several opportunities to work with her ( in her previous organization OD Alternatives).

Her workshops are thought through, well planned and practical, where she creates reflective and safe space for individual and team exploration.

She has exceptional intuition on people. I am grateful to her for her warmth and being a wonderful thought partner!
Rajeshwari Aradhyula
CHRO, Fractal Analytics
Sujata is an exceptionally talented visionary leadership coach who helps you understand your organization better. Creating a unifying vision for an organization is a fundamental skill for leaders. A simple, bold, inspirational vision can feel almost magical: it brings people throughout the company together around a common goal and provides a focal point for developing strategies to achieve a better future. Sujata has the power to create a sustainable and lasting vision for your organization. What I like most about her is that she is supremely talented but very accessible and grounded. She helps you through small steps which you would have never imagined and helps you create the change.

Her ability to create leadership programs for professionals across various domains can't be matched. Sujata designs our medical leadership program 'Mashaal' which is one of the pioneering programs in India that inculcates leadership qualities and camaraderie in medical professionals across India. She has also helped us in multiple situations where decision making was difficult.

In all, I completely endorse her as a thorough professional who can change the organization's life cycle completely towards positivity, growth mindset and brotherhood.
Dr Sheetal Amte Karajgi
CEO, Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Anandwan, Warora
Can a down-to-earth, straightforward person thrive in the competitive corporate world? Can a such a person rise to highest echelon in the mad world of HR Consulting? The answer is ‘yes’, and if you disagree, in evidence I will produce Sujata. She must have realized early on in her career [I think it could be her nature] that the best way to manage one’s career is to be authentic. Ask me, I know her for over twenty years. Sujata spends good time ‘sharpening her saw’ as Stephen Covey calls it, ‘leadership’ is her focus of study. She is a good listener who can capture the essence of what others talk instantly; that gift combined with her ability to engage comfortably in difficult conversation makes her a great facilitator in meetings and OD exercises.

Empathy remains her greatest strength, she will readily echo the emotion in any conversation, but without getting emotional. That is one reason why she can easily and comfortably relate to people of all ages.

High technical expertise combined with the person she is, makes a great combination for adding value to anyone or any situation she is working on.
Vivek Patwardhan
Trustee Aarohan, Blogger HR & IR expert (retired as CHRO, Asian Paints)
Sujata has worked with our team on several projects over the last 7 years and has been very insightful in developing programs and interventions custom designed to the specific topics with good and sustainable outcomes.

She strikes a strong chord with almost all the participants and has a positive demeanor in all her interactions.

This has always resulted in a very involved participation by all and made the overall experience very positive.
Sharad Tyagi
MD Boehringer Ingelheim
I have witnessed Sujata’s journey from a consultant at ECS to a Director at PwC and I always admire her for her ability to connect with senior and junior people alike.

Her ability to provide difficult feedback and influence clients to take difficult decision in her characteristic charming style makes her a very effective transformation consultant.

She has an uncanny ability to spot positives in people in a group environment and then she uses it to elevate group’s ability to give superior performance.
Ravind Mithe
Partner, KPMG
Sujata is a charismatic humanist. I have worked with her multiple times as her client, as my coach, and with every interaction, she left me more and more impressed by her abilities to influence her audience towards a superior and growth-oriented outcome. She brings a fine sense of understanding the human mind and emotions, coupled with the unique blend of an energetic facilitator and a creative director who gets you to see who you really are behind all the facades.

I find Sujata always gets to the point, gives you the information you need with no fluff. Exactly what you want when you are feeling overwhelmed by advice and information. We need more Sujata like people in our industry!
Vivek Pradip Rana
Ex CEO, The PRactice Expert in Marketing, Policy Advocacy, Strategy
Sujata is a genuine, authentic and a caring consultant. She is able to strike a quick rapport with C Suite Leaders, which helps her to get to the root of a client situation and her deep expertise in Organization Development enables her to offer perspectives and solutions which her clients finds very valuable.

Sujata is an outstanding facilitator and is able to engage very effectively with a group of senior leaders in a workshop or offsite setting. Her core value of 'Client First' has helped her to continue the relationships with her clients across the years. …on several occasions when I have recommended Sujata I have received a positive feedback on her consulting services
Shabbir Merchant
Chief Value Creator, Valulead